About us

We specialise in marketing for technology. As a group of people, we may have different sets of interests, but we all put everything we have into marketing. And we make no secret of the fact that we share a passion for processes. Goal-oriented – creative – frictionless.
Our head office is in Vienna, but we are also at home in Switzerland and Germany.

The right idea often comes to you when you play around with words, but you have to allow yourself the space in which to do it.

Claudia Stefanizzi-Wurzinger

Director of TeMa – marketing all-rounder and “Nonseum” fan

Conversation is my passion. When you talk to people, you generate ideas. Only together can we get something new off the ground.

Michael Plattner

Managing director of itl – industry expert and media freak

One of my illustrations should be here rather than this quote ;-)

Mac Krebernik

Illustration and graphic design – visual thinker

When you bring together things that weren’t originally intended to be, that’s when they start getting interesting!

Mario Parouchev

App designer and cloud developer – fire lover

Language can do anything – present cold facts or create whole new worlds.

Waltraud Kerschbaum

Translation professional and language lover – theatregoer

itl Group

Behind TeMa stands the itl Group, a certified provider of technical documentation and translation services with around 120 specialists who have all the various aspects of this work covered. Founded in Munich in 1982, itl now also has offices in Vienna, Linz, Graz, Stuttgart, Kreuzlingen and Brașov. The itl Group offers services across the entire information lifecycle and regards the processes involved – from the conceptualisation stage of technical documentation to its creation, translation, publication and delivery – as part of a whole, which brings huge synergy effects.

Locations of the itl Group

  • itl Institut für technische Literatur GmbH
    Lerchenfelder Gürtel 43
    1160 Vienna

  • itl Institut für technische Literatur AG
    Elsenheimerstraße 65-67
    80687 Munich

  • itl Institut für technische Literatur AG
    Hafenstrasse 50 B
    8280 Kreuzlingen